Her Story

The Her Story Movement is all about sharing our stories/testimonies with women all over the world. We believe that this will not just be something to post but this will be a testament to all the good that God has done .A long time ago Errika promised God that if He would just keep her that she would keep telling her story . We know that It’s far from easy to share the dark vulnerable parts of your life with people that you don’t know. we also know that sometimes our stories of freedom, healing or redemption is exactly what that stranger may need to hear . The Bible says that we overcome by the power of our testimony ( REV 12:11) we believe that God is calling us share what we’ve been through to show others that they too can make it. If you are interested and feel led to share your story with us all you need to do is email us at w4christministries@gmail.com and send us your photo and your story and we will highlight you . God has done great things for you and it’s time to share it  .


Errika’s Story

Hello friend , this is the founder of Women 4 Christ Ministries Errika and this is Her Story . When I was fourteen years old my whole life was flipped upside down by three little words “ You Are Pregnant “. I was devastated, scared and embarrassed . What would people say ? What am I going to do ? What was my mother going to do ? I was lost and I needed help . So when my mother and I got home from the doctor she went to her room and I went to mine and I just cried . Hours went by with no verbal communication between us but so much was being said through the silence . The tension was so high that you could cut it with a knife and I just couldn’t take it anymore so I called my sister to come get me out of the house . As my sister pulled up I felt relief because I knew that she would take me somewhere fun , somewhere to get my mind off of this situation that I found myself in and she did ...she took me to church . I was so shocked , I kept saying to myself CHURCH you brought me to CHURCH?!?!?!?! To be honest I have no idea what the message was about that night , I don’t even remember how many people were there but I remember the ending like it was yesterday. The pastor asked” is there anyone here that doesn’t know Jesus Christ as their personal savior “ ? I sat there rocking back and forth in my seat , and he said it again “is there anyone here that doesn’t know Jesus Christ as their personal savior “ , I felt like there was a neon arrow hanging over my head pointing to me because he kept saying it . So after three or four times of hearing him ask if anyone didn’t know Jesus as their personal savior ...I put my head down and slowly raised my hand . On the same day I thought my life was over I met the man who would change my life forever. After that night I decided to abort my baby and that was by far the hardest experience of my life ... but God carried me through it . It’s funny how one unplanned pregnancy pushed me into the arms of Jesus , made me and my mothers relationship stronger and saved my whole family. It wasn’t pretty but it was necessary. That’s #herstory so what yours ?


Nichele’s Story

This is Nichele and this is Her Story ! Hi! My name is Nichele.

I was an emotionally and verbally abused wife. I am still a wife to the same husband. How? Why? Read on.

My husband used to be a very mean and hostile man. He had no regard for how he spoke to me. Some of the things that he said to me, you would not say to your worst enemy. I was at the point of leaving. I was speaking to a friend regarding my marriage and how I was ready to file for divorce. She directed me to a prayer call that is held on Monday nights. Mind you, I had not given my life to Christ. I always believed in God and Jesus. I never gave my life to Jesus.

That night, I called into the line. This was an interactive line. There were women giving testimonies and making prayer requests. I listened. Then there was a teaching and a prayer that was prayed that moved me from sitting on my bed at the beginning of that call to me being on my knees in tears. I decided that night to give my life to Jesus. The women on that line, that night prayed for me as I wailed and wailed.

I then began to pray for my husband. That God would change his heart and attitude. I began to go to church. I would invite him every time and he would say no. One Sunday he was up and dressed and he told me he was going to church with me. I started to see a change in him that I had never seen. He became nicer and kinder. He became gentler and more loving. He became the man that God wanted him to be. He became the husband I needed.

I thank God for changing him and for changing me. I did not realize until that night how much I need God, how much Jesus loves me too. I am so thankful for the relationship I have now with Jesus and my Heavenly Father. It is the best relationship in the world!!! That’s #herstory so what yours ?

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Jennifer’s Story

This is Jennifer and this is Her Story .
Hi there , I am a 35 y/o African American female, mother of 1 boy and 1 boy on the way and I am also in a committed relationship. Im a manager at one of the largest banks in America. In 1997 my mother was 44 y/o who died of a massive heart attack, unbeknownst to us that she even had heart problems. I started and finished high school without my mother being present to cheer me on from the sideline. But nonetheless I went on to graduate high school, obtained an Associates Degree in Software Application, had some awesome jobs, good/bad relationships, just living life so I thought. In 2015 I had several visits to the ER with chest pains and every time I was told I pulled a muscle. Me knowing I did nothing to warrant a pulled muscle I just went on about my life. Until 2017 I was at work and I had the most horrible pain take over my body, it was like my body went into a shock. After being told I pulled another muscle, I said to myself I’m going to listen to my body and seek further medical help. I Went to my primary doctor who told me that she thinks I had a anxiety attack. Me being me I looked at her like she was crazy and thought she don’t know what she is talking about. She prescribed me some medicine and said she would like for me to see a therapist or psychiatrist. So I started my journey with the medicine and seeing a therapist on a regular basis. I was out of work for months until I got my anxiety under control some. I also learned that not only did I suffer from anxiety, but I was also depressed. Who would’ve thought? Surely not I. I thought staying home in the bed, not eating as much was just me chilling at home. Not so much. Most people look at me from the outside and I look like I have it all together, own house, own car, a man that treats me like a queen. But people don’t see the hurt, the pain, the uncertainty, and confusion. It’s still an uphill battle dealing with anxiety and depression but I no longer let it consume me.That’s #herstory so what yours?


Annette’s Story

This is Annette and this is Her Story . Sometimes, I forget that I have a testimony. It is so easy to look at my life and where I am today today, without thinking about the journey that it took to get there. Growing up, I was always the super bubbly person at school with lots of personality and lots of friends. But at home, my sister and I were starved, manipulated and abused verbally, mentally and physically by my stepfather. The kicker was, my mother knew all about it and never didn't anything to stop it.

This caused me to believe in dysfunction. Dysfunction was normal to me. So much so, in my first serious relationship of about 4 years, I allowed some of the same dysfunction to control and manipulate me in the name of love. I was so brainwashed to believe that being in a controlling relationship was normal and how things were supposed to be, because that is what I was exposed to growing up. No matter how much people tried to tell me it wasn't normal, I couldn't believe otherwise.

It took me graduating from graduate school and moving to Florida for me to learn about my true identity in Christ, which helped me to see myself the way God saw me...temporarily.

I wish I could say that I walked firmly with this new revelation. But I still looked for love in all the wrong places, allowing myself to be used and taken for granted by multiple people. And I even found my way back to my ex-boyfriend, only to be manipulated once again.

So in 2012, my sister and I wrote Iyanla Vanzant. We were both tired of being bitter and resentful about our childhood and the impact that it was having on our life. God opened the door and we appeared on "Iyanla, Fix My Life" with our mother. That was the first time that I actually confronted the pain from my childhood! It was so painful, yet the most liberating thing that I have ever done and a necessary step on my journey.

At the end of the show, Iyanla said to me "What if your soul was just waiting to be clear? What if your children's souls were just waiting to be clear?" See, I had a lot of cleaning up to do within so before I could meet my husband and be ready to receive his love, I had to revisit the darkest chapters of my life, do the work and allow God to deliver me from my past! Less than a year later, I moved to Philadelphia. 6 months after the move, I met my wonderful husband, Marion. Even with what Iyanla said about my children, I was scared to become a mother because I was afraid...afraid of not having the tools to be a good mom. Afraid of passing on the same generational curse. But God slowly turned my fear into anticipation and today, we are expecting our first child in July! God is so good!

My life is a living testimony of God giving us a crown of beauty for ashes and double for our trouble! I'm thankful that I don't look like what I have been through and for that reason, God will forever get the glory from my life! That’s #herstory so what yours ?


Shannon’s Story

This is Shannon and this is Her Story . A testimony speaks of ones story of triumph, of overcoming different tests and trials. As I think back, I’ve overcome a lot! There were some time periods and situations that I didn’t think I’d ever see the other side of! But God! I’m so grateful for Jeremiah 29:11. God’s plans for me are so much greater than I could ever imagine!

I grew up in a single parent home, me, my sister, and my mom in a small town in Georgia. I never got a chance to meet my dad. He was killed by his wife before I was born. Nope, my mom was not his wife. I didn’t realize what was really going on in my life until I was old enough to understand what drugs were and why my mom wasn’t like my best friend’s mom and why my home wasn’t as safe and secure as other homes. When I would come home from school, I never knew what to expect. Some days there would be drugs and alcohol and no food and other days there’d be food and quiet. I loved my mom and I’ve forgiven her for all that she’s put us through but it took a while. So many times I lived in fear of getting the phone call that my mom had died from a drug overdose or from being beaten badly by one of her boyfriends or someone she owed money to for drugs. On the flip side, when she wasn’t high, she was funny and sweet and everyone loved her. We grew to have a great friendship as I got older. She later died of a massive heart attack one month after we’d had our first child. I choose to remember the good. I choose to remember the laughter and there was lots. I truly do miss her.

After graduating high school, I attended Georgia State University for a few years until I was expelled because of a 1.5 GPA. I was so depressed and didn’t realize it until it was too late. When I got to college, the only person I had to worry about was myself and that’s when I let loose, like really let loose. I thrived on the attention from the abundance of guys on and off campus. I partied, I went where I wanted to go with whom I wanted. It all covered up the pain I hadn’t dealt with from home. I was quite promiscuous and since no one had ever really told me anything about sex except to not get pregnant or get a disease, sex outside of marriage was what you did. It was a way of life. I didn’t have sex with everyone I met, only those I was in a relationship with. I loved the attention and I always had to be in a relationship. I did finally get help with the depression and I enrolled into a different college where I would meet my future husband. He graduated first, then I graduated, with honors may I add, and soon after I graduated, we got married.

Now, before we got married, we started off as most couples do. In sin, sex outside of marriage, he moved in with me, the usual hot mess! When I say that God had a different plan! My goodness! While he and I were dating, he attended this small Baptist church with me and there were a few people there who’d befriended us and found out that we were living together outside of marriage. They taught us that living together and not being married was wrong and basically told us that we needed to get married or he needed to move out. Before he got the chance to move out, God intervened and things started falling apart! My future husband lost his jobs, he had 2, he wrecked his car, I lost my job, and my car broke down. No job and no money meant no rent money and so we were evicted. I moved in with my friend and he moved in with some guys he knew from college and we were miserable. We decided to marry and met with our pastor who told us to stop having sex and get married as soon as possible. He asked a few other questions and that was it. Looking back, my husband and I now call that meeting with our then pastor ‘bootleg counseling’! He taught us nothing about marriage! We went into marriage very blindly! Once we’d made up our minds to do things God’s way, we started to see God’s hand and favor! We were shown favor with the purchasing of our rings, my dress, my hair and the hotel! We married and was pregnant with our first child not long after.

This was only the beginning of where God was leading me to start the ministry that I have now, Savin’ it for Hubby. As I said before, neither my husband nor I truly understood what sex was or the repercussions of having sex outside of marriage. Within the first 5 years of our marriage, guilt and shame began to torture me. Where before marriage I had no qualms about having sex, in marriage all the things I’d done before began to haunt and torture me! It had gotten to the point where I just didn’t want to have sex at all and of course my husband was not pleased with this. He was confused to say the least because we now had the green light, we had God’s permission and blessing to have sex. It got so bad that we had even began to discuss divorce. Then one day after a really bad argument, I was lying on our bed crying and I remember hearing, “I want you to teach My daughters My truth about sex.” Of course I thought I’d lost my mind because I knew nothing about sex and I barely knew God. It would be the first of many conversations with God and my journey of healing began. The first thing He had me do was to share my testimony on Facebook! Oh my goodness I tried to fight that and I just didn’t want to put all my ‘business’ out for the world to judge but when God says move, you move and He doesn’t leave you alone until you do so! I shared it and I waited in anxious nervousness for all the ridicule but instead, the responses of ‘me too’ began to trickle in. I then began blogging and that’s when God gave me the name of Savin’ it for Hubby. Through blogging, sharing my story and sharing all that God was teaching me about sex, my healing came. From there I led online bible studies about sex and purity, I helped create and facilitated a purity program at my church for 4 years and now I’m hosting and facilitating purity retreats for women 20 years and older to help them deal with the pain of their past or guilt and shame of their present, teaching them God’s truth about sex, purity and who they are in Him. I absolutely love what I do and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else! That’s #herstory so waht’s yours ?


Luz Maria’s Story

This is Luz Maria, and this is Her Story. Hello, my name is Luz Maria and I would like to share my story with you. I am 38 years old divorced with three blessings ages 18,15, and 14. One boy the eighteen-yr. old and two girls. I just recently restored my relationship with God. I used to attend a church a while ago for many years and even though I learned from this church after leaving I realized I did not know God the way I thought I did. I was born in Rio Piedras Puerto Rico and at 2 months old my biological mom moved me and my two older siblings to the South Bronx N.Y. My older brother was about 5 years old and my older sister was about 2 or three and I was only months old. My biological mom from what was told to me was a prostitute and would have sex with men to support us. One day in December my mom never came home. Leaving my two siblings and myself home alone. My brother that was 5 yrs. old took us out in the cold in the middle of December in NY to go look for my mom he got lost and found and abandoned building and went in there with us for days. He would go to the store and steal milk and food for us to eat. Since I was only months old, he would try to give me milk and I would just throw up. From what I was told we were in there for days. One day a social worker passed by the abandoned building and heard my screams and went in and took us. My siblings and I lived in foster homes till I was 3 years old when I got adopted. During this time my biological mom passed away. My adopted mom only adopted me, so my siblings and I were separated. I grew up with an amazing mom who was loving and took me in as her own. She had 3 much older kids of her own. She not only adopted me but also adopted another child younger that me so in total were 5 of us (her biological 3 and the adopted ones me and my little brother, not blood related).

My mom was always honest with me about my adoption but the family who adopted my sister did not want us to meet. Unfortunately, my older brother stayed in the foster system. I was very close with my adopted mom and I always by her side. June 22,1993 my adopted mom passed away due to lung cancer.

This is where my rebellious story begins.

Once my mom passed everyone gave up. I was only 12 years old. My dad fell into a depression and was never home, he would go out drinking and he even got himself a night job. My older sisters were in their 20s one was married with one child, and the other was out having fun bringing guys home and having sex with them and sometimes even in the bed that I was sleeping in. My cousin who also lived with us she was 15 at the time and was also bringing guys home and having sex in front of me. I would cry and started acting out. No one to talk to, but when I started acting out giving attitude, looking for guys to pay attention to me, I would get verbally abused by my sisters. Name calling, getting hit constantly. I wanted to do what they were doing. I almost wanted to become a prostitute. I wanted to feel love, I wanted to feel wanted. I wanted attention, but I felt nothing but rejection and loneliness every night. I would cry and say mom why did you leave.

My older sister had plans to move to Florida in Jan 2015. Before my mom passed, she left my sister custody of me and my younger brother and so we moved to Florida. Still rebellious felt unloved. I was looking for acceptance from anywhere I can get it from. I started seeing this guy the first year of moving to Florida. He lived on my street and was one of the first people I met. He was a charmer intelligent, something different from the guys in NY. The first year was good, but the second year of us being together, the psycho kicked in. He became a stalker, a physical abuser and a mental abuser. I went all through high school dealing with this. We would get into horrible fist fights. I ended up cheating on him many times and then met my sons’ father. He was a married man and I was 17, very gullible and naive. He was 27 and would tell me everything I wanted to hear. Even the famous line " I will leave my wife". And he did but never divorced her. See I was walking around life not caring who I hurt, not caring for any one including myself. I wanted to be wanted. So, whoever gave me that feeling I held on to them. My sons father got us an apartment and he moved in with me. He left his wife but living with him was a nightmare. He would at times stay out all night. He would tell me he is going to work and when I would call his job he will not be there.

August of 1999, I found out I was pregnant, now I’m 19 and pregnant with someone who I knew I did not really want to be with. Once I told him, at the moment he was happy. The next day I was home the landlord knocks and says we must move because he hadn’t paid the rent in two months, so we got kicked out. I ended up going back to my sister’s house and he went with his aunts. One week later He was gone from his aunt’s house with no warning. He left without telling anyone anything including myself. Now here I am 19, pregnant, no job, no money, living at my sister’s house. She did not want me there, and thoughts of abortion came to mind, but I quickly snapped out that idea because I did not even believe in killing a baby for something I did. So, my sister in Florida sent me back to NY with my other sister. I lived out there sleeping on her sofa till I gave birth. My sisters’ man at the time and I did NOT get along, so I quickly had to leave. I Moved back to Florida and I lived from house to house because I had nowhere to stay. My sister did not want me back home.

I started staying with a friend at her parents’ house and I started working while my friend babysat for me. I was in such depression. So, one night my friend says let’s go to the club. I called my sons father to take him so I can go out and he did. Went out to the club and I met this guy. I did not want to get into a relationship but in was looking for someone to love me and my son. He gave me his beeper number (lol) and we began to see each other. I ended up moving to a rat hole of an apt. I had no clothes just my work uniform. my son was 6 months old and I would dilute cow’s milk with water because I had no money to get him formula. I would work and in that same uniform wash it by hand and wear it like it was normal. So, this new guy popped up at my job just to see me one day and decided to give me a ride home. Now embarrassed of where I lived, I told him it was a friends apt that I was staying, but he knew it was a lie. I stopped talking to him for weeks due to my living status. I was embarrassed. So, one day he came and knocked at the door and I stood shocked. He said I know you live here, and I’m not interested in what you have I’m interested in you.

9 months later we got married. We started attending a church where the first service the pastor preached was on "fornication' we looked at each other and left service with such conviction. As we started attending bible study groups, we were told either we break up or get married. We were already living with each other, so we chose marriage. We served the church together, growing spiritually together he took my son like his own and then we had 2 girls of our own. As years gone by, I started to feel lonely, as he spent most of his time at work and after work church. No time with me or the kids. and the times he did spend with us his phone was constantly ringing due to disciples needing advice. I leaded a bible study groups with 22 groups under me. In the encounters (retreat) I would preach marriage and my own testimony. But my heart was far from God. Then the attack towards my marriage started. I felt like the work I was doing for the church was only being done because I didn’t want to let man down. I was not serving God I was serving man. I started to back down, my husband was always at church events and my heart grew far.

Years later 2008 I ended up leaving my family kids and all and left for NY. I Cheated on my husband with and abusive guy, verbal, mental and physical.

My husband cried for me to come back and so I did but I told him I did not want to attend the same church. But he said he will never leave this church. everyone in the church spoke about me and my sin. I was looked at like the woman with leprosy. Yup I was the topic of every bible study even in the preaching’s.

Time went on I began to serve the church again but still my heart was far from God. Husband still giving his all to the church and not enough to the family. I started feeling lonely again. I started backing down. The pastor’s wife passed away and that broke my heart as she was one woman I admired as a woman of God. She passed and a lot of truth started coming to light about this church. I have asked my husband many times let’s move away and work on us. I’m not happy. His answer no I will not leave this church. I have a commitment with God here. My heart grew colder.

I ended up cheating again. This led to my divorce and my son’s rebellion. My son turned 16 and that’s when he started to be very disrespectful towards us, running away from home not going to school and smoking marijuana. The things between my ex-husband was really bad. He took custody of my daughters and I ended up moving with my son to an apt. I since the have reconciled with God and now I am getting to know the Sovereign God. Now my relationship is growing in God. My ex still attends the other church. My son after 3 years of getting in trouble with the law, he has gotten locked up and a lot more. I’m still praying and will never stop praying for my kids and my kids’ father also praying that the true gospel enters his heart. He still does not have a relationship with my son because according to him, my son has mad bad choices and he does not want to be around him until he gets right.

My goal is to share my story and help women know their value and go after the rejected. Through all of this I lost my identity, I lost my worth, I felt like my happiness was in man. But God left his 99 to come after me. My story will be heard, and I pray God uses me to lift up the broken, the rejected and the lonely. That’s #herstory so what’s yours?


Anastasia’s Story

This is Anastasia and this is “Her Story “. I dated a man for about 3 years. He was charismatic in the beginning and said all of the right things. He was in an out of jail and expected me to put my life on pause and wait for him each time that he got locked up. He was emotionally abusive and narcissistic toward me at times. I went back and forth visiting him in jail and putting money on his books. Eventually he got out of jail but got shot 7 times. He lived but then I found out that he had not 1 but 2 baby mommas behind my back. I was in so much pain. I felt like a thousand knives pierced my heart. Through spiritual cleansing I was able to find healing. God helped me to break the soul tie and I am no longer in that relationship. Despite living through these circumstances I am a survivor. I am now happily engaged to a man who loves God and treats me with love and respect. We are planning our wedding right now. Now I am walking into my mission that God has for me and I feel so blessed. My book "Dweller In The Valley: Wounds Of An Emerging Queen" depicts many stories that women in unhealthy relationships can relate to, especially those in relationships with incarcerated men. My book is set to release on March 30th, 2019. Ana The Life Coach, LLC is my Christian mentorship program that I use to teach women to Connect, Create, and Crown. I teach women how to Connect to Jesus Christ, Create their dream careers and Crown themselves because they are queens. With my women's ministry MSCOC my business partner and I teach women how to breakthrough toxic strongholds and locate their God-given purposes with our podcast. That’s #herstory so what’s yours ?


Victoria’s Story

This is Victoria and this is Her Story . My name is Victoria Ruth Taylor, I’m a women’s empowerment coach, an author and a speaker. I’m a mother of three wonderful children and a pastors wife. My mission is to help women of all ages realize their power, potential and beauty. Sounds like a strong introduction right well I wasn’t always so sure of the plan God had for me or if he even wanted to use me after all the stuff I’ve done and been through.

Here’s a little bit of my background. I grew up in a single parent home in South Central Los Angeles with eight other siblings. Growing up I was lost, sad, lonely, miserable, hard, mean, angry, abused sexually, emotionally mentally and physically, mistreated, endangered, abandoned and confused. I hated my life at that time, there was nothing positive, fun, or exciting in my life. I often wondered if I hadn’t given my life to Christ where would I be? I know I would have still been lost looking for love in all the wrong places, having babies out of wedlock, fighting the next black woman over a man that’s not even loyal, probably addicted to some kind of drug or alcohol.

I had trust issues, daddy issues, and defied authority because after all how could anyone tell me what not to do when I saw them doing the exact same thing or worst. I was wounded, depressed, the laughing stock, I was called hurtful names that left emotional scars. I would cry myself to sleep in hopes to wake up in heaven where it was safe. I felt rejected, abandoned and afraid. At the age of 17, I gave my life to God, at 18 I got married and 19 welcomed my beautiful daughter into the world. I knew I had to protect, guide and love her so she wouldn’t go through what I went through.

I just released my book “Crown of Beauty” in it I talk about my story and my struggles with being a pregnant teen and the guilty, shame and devastation that haunts you after having an abortion. I talk about my marriage and the day we sat in divorce court ready to throw it all away because of insecurities and the lies we listened to. I talk about my breakthrough and how to get yours. I held nothing back in my book because I wanted my readers to realize they too are a crown of beauty in the hands of the Lord and there’s nothing they can do that would make God abandon or reject them.

No matter what you’re facing, you’re not alone, and there’s no judgment with me because I’ve probably done whatever you’ve done times two and have lived through it to tell you you’ll get through it. I founded The Soul Match in 2015 where I host events and speak about love and relationship topics along with my husband. We’ll be celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary this July. Let me just end with saying your life will get better once you surrender to God. He has an amazing plan, it’s not free of problems or troubles but it’s filled with promises to never leave you nor forsake you. Let’s surrender today. That’s #herstory so what’s yours ?


Natalie’s Story

This is Natalie and this is “ Her Story “. I was tired. More like extremely exhausted. I’ve given all of me to all of them. Those men who said they loved me yet never really cared for me. Those men who said they understood my pain and wouldn’t bring more my way. Those men who I tried to get the love of my father from not realizing they could never be him. I drowned myself in toxic relationships because I didn’t know how to love me. I was looking for someone to say I’m proud of you. Someone to say you make my day. Someone to say you’re beautiful in every way. Someone to look at me and see my heart. My big heart that gave love so freely trying to be free but chained in the prison of my mind. All because I didn’t receive love from some guy and I was broken. Broken into pieces with no peace. I gave all I could every single part of me until I realized my inner me was my real enemy.

I was so lost but wouldn’t allow myself to be found. I wanted someone to find me and help make me whole. I didn’t know that wholeness was an inside job that only me and God could do. So I was stupid and kept getting high of lust calling it love. I couldn’t love them because I didn’t even love myself. For years I lived angry because every man that said they loved me hurt me and it started with my own father. Why was I invisible? Why wasn’t I good enough? Because of the prison in my mind I felt like I was never good enough. I ended up doing the most trying to get love I look back and realize I never experienced real love. How could I give what I never had? How could I receive what I never seen? I was really living in a fantasy hoping that one day I’d stop being the broken hearted girl. After much self-sabotaging and years of dumb choices, I realized that this is not how life is supposed to be.

I knew of God but I didn’t know him. I grew up in Church and went to church faithfully but I didn’t allow God to restore me and build me up as his church. Heartbreak after heartbreak I decided this wasn’t going to be my story. I stopped running and let God’s love capture me. I finally knew what it felt like to be free. I was broken in so many places in my life. God had to restore me and remind me that there was a Queen in me. This is a beautiful journey I'm just glad he has chosen me. After all the mess God’s given me a message. Now I'm an author and speaker that travels the world sharing my testimony helping women realize the Queen within. That’s #herstory so what’s yours ?


Sharita’s Story

This Sharita and this is #herstory . “ I am no longer a slave to fear, but I am a child of God.” A bold, powerful statement I proclaimed over myself as I chose to walk out of the disparity and shame I put myself in two years prior. It all started three years ago, when finding out my husband had been unfaithful. Of course it was hurtful, but yet I remained hopeful because in less than six months after that I was called to receive my license in ministry. At this time, I was enduring the loss of trust, my car, my home, yes we lost our physical home and in the midst of that God still chose me to be licensed. I really fought with God because I felt unworthy, unloved and in my mind I was damaged goods. But God! I realized what He was doing in my life to bring me to where I am today. Yes, I have had a stumble and I made many mistakes, but I decided that sin was not going to rule my life because of fear of the unknown, I’ve allowed God’s word solidify a firm foundation in my life and His love to overtake me. Through all of this, God demonstrated to me His love. Something, I lacked in my marriage and even in my walk with him. But this time, each day, I choose that I am no longer a slave to sin, fear, loathing, hopelessness, but declare even more I am a child of God, his daughter, his workmanship. Though, I have been broken and felt less than, God’s love is putting me back together again piece by piece and for that I am forever grateful. That’s #herstory so what’s yours ?

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“ Brave’s Story”

Brave shared her story with us but requested to be anonymous , this is #herstory . Iʼm a S.U.R.V.I.V.O.R !!!!!! No I didnʼt survive some awful disease or condition. I survived being raped as a teenager by some dirty man in a dirty garage. I was a foolish teenager who thought that my no meant no. I only told a few friends at school what happened to me and I kept it hidden and buried until now . As a result of the rape I became promiscuous because I made up in my mind that no one would be able to take anything from me ever again without my permission. I hadnʼt let Jesus in my heart yet and now I know that it was Him that protected me during that horrible time . He thought of me even though I wasn’t thinking of him . It took many years to open my heart to Jesus but I’m glad I did . It took some years of living on the edge to finally be surrendered to Jesus. The #metoo movement means so much to me because it happens to Me Too ! Me telling my story doesn’t erase what happened but me sharing it releases the hold it has on me and with the help of Jesus I can finally move forward. This is #herstory so what’s yours ?


Amy’s Story

This is Amy and this is #herstory.My story started years ago when I was a child, although I grew up in a loving, two-parent households with siblings, I somehow turned out to be a person that has felt nothing but hurt and pain throughout my life. There have been happy moments but more than hurt and painful times than anything. I guess starting in elementary, I was picked on and teased a lot because there were 9 kids and my hardworking father was the only income for the house. My mother stayed home and tended to myself and siblings.

Always had a good meal to eat, warm bed and roof over our heads, but a lot of things we couldn’t have like others kids and because we lived in a small rural town where you’re only liked if you come from a certain family, or dress nice, or you are apart of the cliques then you were and still is a nobody. In school I was teased, called names, and picked on so that was hurt that I could never forget...I never measured up to being good enough to like. I was raised in church but left for years after getting grown because even the church people had cliques.

I had my first child at 16 by a man old enough to be my father, started dating him when I was 13 but I was looking for love since all the boys in school I ever liked wouldn’t give me the time of day. I love my son more than ever but sometimes it is a constant reminder of a horrible thing I did or allowed a man twice my senior at the time to take my innocence. Fast forwarding, it seems beginning at that time in my life I have been on a downward spiral regardless of how hard I try to be better, do better and move forward in this thing called life. I sometimes feel that my sins will never allow me to break free and I’m still paying for things that I did. My son has been locked up now 6yrs, my other three children are good but it was a rocky relationship with my two daughters when they were in school. I am thankful now that my oldest 27 yrs old now and I have developed a very loving special bond and we are very close now. We use to butt heads so bad that I actually had to fight my child to let her know who was boss and I was the parent and she was not going to disrespect me or talk back to me, attitude was horrible and mouth was super slick, she thought she could whoop me.

My husband and I have been together 30 years, married 5 in March of these 30 yrs. We come from different backgrounds family wise, his parents divorced when he was 8 so we have different views on what parenting and a running a household should look like. We don’t have the same goals, we don’t agree on anything, we’re never on the same page, I did most of the parenting, while he worked and was just the provider and he felt that’s all he needed to be. We hardly conversate without arguing, I have dreams, he’s content so it all led to me finding what I needed from another man before we were married.

But I never expected that looking for love again in the wrong place would open me up to more than I ever thought I had experienced. I was abused mentally and physically by someone I didn’t even live with but at the same time he could be so good and loving and have all the characteristics I wanted in a relationship. I was hurt from my husband not being that person for me, hurt that the person I turned to hurt me, hurt that I knew I wasn’t being a good parent, hurt that nothing I ever do turns out right, hurt that my son is locked up, hurt that my life may never be what I envision it to be, hurt by family members, so called friends, hurt that a whole town has hated my family for some reason, hurt that right now I’m still trying to overcome these very things that have broken me...hurt that the church I was attending still portrays the same things it did as when I was a kid.

But I stumbled onto Errika’s Instagram one day, and while I’m not there in spirit, her prayer calls have given me hope and keep me uplifted and I hear in her prayers calls that God loves me and her convictions help me to know that I can overcome all my hurt and live the life God has intended me to have, I’m struggling still with fear, feeling unworthy, defeated, negativity the devil stays in my head but I refuse to give up the fight, I hear him but I don’t hear him because I know what ever the devil is saying to me, is because he knows and I know I am God’s child. Please continue to prayer for me and letting go of all my inner agonies to God. I have left church again but Women4Christ along with so many others I follow keep me spiritually fed. That’s #herstory so what’s yours?


Lynne’s Story

This is Lynne and this is #herstory . My story has many familiar as well as peculiar elements common to the human experience, but in

the interest of sharing, I tempered my reluctancy and decided to move forward. I grew up in a home in the 60’s, and while I had every material and creature comfort, I bore the shame and stigma of my parent’s divorce. Although, I was a toddler when they divorced, and my father and his side of the family were active in my life, I still felt ostracized by this. I lived with my mother who was very strict and placed an obsessive premium on education. I learned early the importance of performance and exceeding standards in school and at home. The better I performed the more loved I felt. There was a constant pressure to keep up at a fever’s pitch. Everything had to be perfect and I had to be the best at everything I did. I quickly developed a Type A personality, before I entered my teen years. In high school the same mindset prevailed, I had to be the best, I would spend more hours studying than the average college student to impress my mother and ensure that I performed at peak efficiency. I had become a full fledge perfectionist. The toxic combination of performance and perfectionism created the perfect storm in robbing me of my peace of mind, nearly ruining my life I did not have Christ in my life, and frankly didn’t feel the need for him. I thought that people who needed religion were using God as a crutch. I had my intellect and my parents to get me whatever I wanted. In addition to my obsessive compulsive nature, I also learned very early to internalize and mask my feelings. I was living a life of quiet desperation, which could have imploded at any given moment. I thought these defense mechanisms would protect me from the hurt, pain, and abandonment I felt, sadly they did not.

This cycle continued through high school , college, and well into my adult years. Once I married, I thought these feelings would dissipate, but they remained simmering just under the skin. I would find myself easily angered and resentful, at the masks I felt forced to wear. The worst of it was that I had directly and indirectly transmitted these thoughts to my children. As I approached my thirties, I was unfulfilled professionally, emotionally I was a train wreck waiting to happen. My marriage was in shambles, and I seriously contemplated divorce. The only saving grace was the fact that didn’t want my children to experience the stigma

associated with divorce.

Little did I know that help was on the way! In 1994, my husband recommitted his life to Christ and began to live a life of faith before me. I was initially skeptical, but began to see a radical transformation unfold before my eyes. He would invite me to church, and I would decline. He didn’t push the issue. Yet, the effects of his Christ-centered living were undeniable. He had a peace which couldn’t be explained from a human standpoint. On a subconscious level, I wanted that peace as well. I decided that the next time he invited me to church, I would accept.

As it would happen, he invited me again right after the holidays in 1995. Although still apprehensive, I went to worship with him. I experienced the Lord that Sunday on an unprecedented level! I felt the peace which had alluded me for decades. I realized that Jesus loved me as I was, I didn’t need to perform or excel to gain his favor. Through the warm tears which fell, I felt the mask I had worn for so long finally disintegrating! It was liberating, as this captive was finally free.

From the day forward I have served Christ with gusto! My marriage strengthened as we truly became one in Christ! My husband and I were called to begin a church plant in our home, and just celebrated 16 years of service to the kingdom in pastoral ministry. completed my bachelor’s, master’s, and am expected to finish my doctorate this year!

God has blessed me beyond measure! I could write a book about my story both before and after meeting Christ. What I will say is that, it’s by far the smartest and most profitable thing I have ever done! Take it from me...Jesus is the real deal! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

That’s #herstory so what’s yours ?

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Danielle’s Story

This is Danielle and this is #herstory . My name is Danielle Pointer and I am a wife and a mother of 3. Life lately has been a struggle for me but in spite of it all I am still pushing and praising God for bringing me this far. The way my faith has been tested I don’t know who would be able to stand in my shoes and still be able to not only thank God but praise him as well. But that’s just who God is he keeps you in perfect peace when your whole world is falling apart.

Growing up it has always been my Mother, myself and my brother. She was our Mom and our Dad she was the Mom that was our handyman, counselor, cook, Doctor, nurse, mechanic, painter and anything else that you could think of lol. She was our wonder woman so back when I had my first child and she became sick I took on the role of Mom and we help nurse her back to health. From there things didn’t get better her health actually was declining, but in her most humble way she never told us she tried her best to share details but not give us too much information so that we wouldn’t worry.

Then came the night when she was working and had a heart attack and stroke and when they didn’t think that she would make it. To see my Mom laying in that hospital bed hooked up to all types of machines that were helping to keep her here made me go over and talk to her and say hey you have a lot to live for you have your kids and your grands that can’t wait to see you get up, and guess what she did.

I could go on and on about how many trials she went through with her health and how she overcame all of those obstacles. I get joy knowing that in spite of GOD was still keeping her here, he knew that me and my brother and our children needed her.

Fast forward to January 2016 my Mom was in the hospital (or her vacation home as she would call it lol) and was placed on the list for a heart transplant so she didn’t know when she was coming home. A normal heart ejection fraction rate is anywhere from 55% to 70%, my Moms rate was at 3% and she was still up and kicking.

She had heart surgery which actually gave her a battery operated heart (she had to plug herself up every night) and she was fine with getting that surgery because she told me “I want to live”. She had the surgery in February and didn’t leave the hospital until August. After many trips to ICU she finally was coming home of course there were plenty of stipulations, she had to have someone be with her at all times, she had a visiting nurse as well as a loooot of doctor visits.

She started doing really good she was able to stay home by herself she was able to get around more and most importantly she was able to get back to church. January 25, 2017 she went in for a regular visit and they kept her because they wanted to run some tests on her. I went up to the hospital that Thursday and sat and talked with her and asked her when she was coming home she said “oh either Friday or Saturday because I have to cook for Pastors birthday” We we’re talking about some other things and I said to her” I don’t understand how people treat you like they do and you don’t get mad”, she says to me “you don’t worry how people treat me, you worry how you about how you treat people”.

I gave her a kiss and headed home, Friday January 27, 2017 at 1:25 pm her cardiologist called me to inform me that my Mother was gone. That day, that week, that month was all a blur we had loss the person who loved us unconditionally and I couldn’t figure out how was I gonna move on. I was angry at God because he took her home and I couldn’t wrap my mind around it. BUT GOD do you know that God kept me in perfect peace and is still keeping me in perfect peace even when I thought that I was going to lose my mind, even when I wanted to give up, even when my faith was tested and almost destroyed! GOD KEPT ME, can you imagine how special we are to him even when we give up on him and he doesn’t give up on us. I couldn’t even wrap my mind around it but I am glad that he never left me because through my pain I was able to start a program in memory of my Mom called “Bernie’s Heart”.

Our mission and goal is to help others and treat them how you want to be treated. She has truly left a legacy and truly has left some big shoes for me to fill but I am so blessed that through my pain Bernie’s Heart was birthed. I am forever grateful to him and honored to be called a child of the King. No matter what you may be going through just remember and know that GOD has his hands on you, in spite of it all HE HAS HIS HANDS ON YOU. Keep pushing, pressing and praising!

That’s #herstory so what’s yours ?

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Kaylin’s Story

This is Kaylin and this is #herstory . Growing up, I was the child who was loving, loved to be around family, talkative, and made friends easily. I was also bullied in elementary school because I wore glasses , was skinny, and was a late bloomer, but never really knew why people would just choose me to pick on every day (It was because I had a calling on my life and didn’t realize it until I got myself together). Growing up, my biological dad was in and out of my life. The only thing I really wanted was a connection with him. My grandmother and Nanny would take me and my siblings to church and because of them I knew that church was important and wanted to go to church or learn more about it. In middle school, I was baptized in the 6th grade, but came back up a sinner because I was still doing bad things. I was into boys a lot and I didn’t dedicate my life to Christ fully. During my teenager years, I had anger problems, I was called crazy, I cussed out people thinking it was cool, fighting outside, I turned very disrespectful, spoke my mind, and just thought I was grown. By high school, I was out of control, wanted to be pregnant (thought it was cute to carry a baby around at a young age) , and started to have sex. I was in the 9th grade talking to a 12th grader because it was popular to date older guys older than you when I was in school. My mom always said guys was only after you for one thing but I didn’t listen and I got my heart broken a million times. I met my high school sweet heart in high school in 10th grade and we dated for 4 years. I thought he was my everything but he shortly changed into a different person. He started to hang out with the wrong group of friends and forgot about me. He cheated on me multiple times, but I took him back until one day I said enough is enough. I realized in high school that the people who said that they were my friends was not really my friends. The people who I called my friends in high school, bullied me over boys liking me or because they were jealous. After I graduated school, I broke things off with my high school sweet heart, I got my first job at McDonald's and I went to college to be a cosmetologist , but didn’t go to take my state board test to get my certification because I knew I didn’t want to do hair all my life. I changed majors and went to school for early childhood education. I started to date a gangster, who was in the streets , smoking, and not doing anything with his life. I landed another job at Kroger to earn extra money. So by me being around bad influences, I dropped out of college and quit my job at Kroger just because my guy said he wanted to spend more time with me. My life went down hill after that. After that relationship ended, I dated another guy and he was the most sexist guy in the world, but he was also an opportunist. When I dated him, I started to go to clubs, hang out all night, drink alcohol, drive under the influence, and was just up to no good. I paid for every date me and this guy has ever been on, drove him around everywhere he wanted to go and all along he was saving up his money. He used me because he knew I had a caring heart. He taught me that looks doesn’t mean anything and that it’s not always about looks(I know now that it’s about how a man treats you). I was single for about 2 years and met another guy, this guy was my best friend for 3 years, at the time I didn’t think that would go anywhere. I became a manager at McDonald's and then they didn’t like the way I was handling my shift and fired me. I was the manager that let the staff eat the leftover food that was going to be thrown away , I made work fun, staff was disciplined but I didn’t believe in yelling at people because I once was in their position and by talking to my staff with respect, they respected me more and the staff got the work done. I started to work at Walgreen's and then started to date my best friend. I actually started to live with this guy within a couple of months of us dating. After we moved in together, it was hard for him to find a job. He was just at home playing video games, I was the only one with a car or license, he wasn’t cleaning, cooking , no nothing and not helping with the household at all. My parents didn’t like him and called him a bum. That relationship began to slowly fall and it ended. It wasn't from where I was from, so he moved back to his hometown. Once that relationship ended. I soon after got fired from my Walgreen's job. It was hard for me to get a job after that. I had a little money in my savings account, but didn't last very long. I started to run out of gas money, money to pay bills, money for food, and etc. I was about to give up on life and then one day I was sitting on the bed in my room, and something in my head said that I needed to go to church. I went to church that next Sunday and it seemed like the Pastor was preaching directly to me. I barely had gas in my car but I still went to church. I went to Walmart and got some things that I needed. I got to the register and my total was the exact amount that I had left on my debit card. I was blessed with a job a couple of months later and my check came just in time before my bills was due for that month. No matter how much of a mess I was , God provided a way for me through the worse times of my life. Even though, I wasn't working or had no money, I did not struggle not once. God really had His hands on me. This is where I started my journey with getting back right with Christ. I realized that my best friend wasn’t the guy for me. Even after, I tried to be his friend still and it wasn’t the right choice for my life. I had to let him go and continue to live life pressing forward to a better future. Today, I am single until God tells me otherwise. I no longer go to clubs, drink alcohol, or have sex with boys that don’t deserve my body. I recently got re-baptized in January and made a commitment to God to not have sex before marriage and dedicated my life to Him fully. I pray more than ever and attend church/bible study regularly. God is forming me into the women I need to be. I am now filled with peace and the hunger to pursue God. I could of been in jail, on the streets, living out of my car, but GOD. Thank God for second chances. I never want to stray away or be distant from God again. Thank God for His grace and mercy. That’s #herstory so what’s yours ?

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Jasmine’s Story

This is Jasmine and this is #herstory. My story is a story that most women have, but are reluctant to share. My story starts with worldly success and happiness, trebles with guilt and shame, and ends with Perfect Peace. The Bible helps us to define Perfect Peace as being a condition of freedom from disturbance within the soul; it is perfect harmony reigning within. If we look at the Hebrew word “shalom” has in it the idea of soundness of health, so that to be filled with perfect peace is to be spiritually healthy and free from all discord within the soul.However that perfect peace came with total sacrifice & complete obedience to our father.

Ten years ago I was a young single mother, who thought she had to do it all on her own. I suffered from that “strong black woman” complex that led me on a road of unrealistic expectations, emotional wounds, deeply netted soul ties, and misdiagnosed mental illnesses. After having my son I had been abused so badly that I was psychologically immune to what had happened to me, and even though I got out of that bad situation I ended up in another over and over again. There was one in particular where I was once most ashamed of where I became pregnant by a married man. Notice I said, once ashamed! The devil had me bound thinking I was alone and in isolation with my thoughts, feelings, and activities- but I wasn’t.

God came to me and told me if I truly obeyed him and lived right he will deliver not only me, but other women through my story. That very day I decided to be obedient to his call and truly live and love my purpose which is to help women discover the better version of themselves. That day I declared that I was the righteousness of God. That very day was a pivotal moment in my life where I made a vow to God that as I continued to be obedient and he will grant me perfect peace. He agreed to take me away from my past and uplift me from those feelings of guilt, hurt, and Shame. He also promised to use me to help other women be delivered as well, and I am greatly and honored to be used in that way by him. It’s a great responsibility and to this day I do not take it lightly.

There are women suffering from being held in bondage by their past and it’s up to us who have overcame those obstacles to help pull them through. We have to be those accountability partners and mentors for our sisters who are facing struggles and decisions that could possibly have them blocking their own blessings if they continue to live in their flesh. I pray that my story helps you tell your story, because my story is our story, and together we can change #herstory, because it’s “his-story” that defines us all for His Glory.

That’s #herstory so what’s yours ?

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Shana’s Story

This is Shana and this is #herstory. At the age of 10, my parents separated following the death of my paternal grandmother. Prior to, I witnessed my father physically abuse my mother in the presence of my brother and I. At age 22, I entered a mentally , physically and abusive relationship with a man that used mind control to manipulate me in many ways. Furthermore, this man forced me to have an abortion when he found out that I was pregnant. One night during a drunken rant, I was beat to the ground and thought I was going to die. As I wept on my knees that night, God whispered to me “you are better than this, you will be okay”. Failing to leave the relationship the first time I was physically assaulted, I felt guilt as I hid my then boyfriend from my family and friends. One night, I went to a club and my partner followed me there. All night he danced with several women but then became enraged when he saw me dance with someone other than him. He then threw a drink in my face and humiliated me in front of my friends. That was the last straw. I prayed that God would send me a God fearing man that would love him first and love and respect me second. I met my soon to be ex-husband in December 2011. Frightened and hesitant at first thinking, “Oh no, not another Que (frat), they are all the same”. Though I wanted confirmation from God that this was the husband he sent for me, I jumped the gun and married him within one and a half years. I ignored all the Red flags while I was engaged, included late nights out (if he came in at all), mental and emotional abuse, neglect of me and my child as well as physical abuse. Upon our separation, my then spouse, had my child and I evicted from our home in the dead of winter and would not provide me with our clothes. In the midst of it all, I also broke my arm trying to save my daughter from falling down the steps and seeing as though my job was a contract position, I took several weeks off of work unpaid. I could have lost my house. I suddenly accrued all the bills without the help of my partner. Furthermore, the father of my child didn’t offer me penny for child support within 4-6 weeks following our separation. Now accruing court fees, attorney fees as well as mortgage, car note daycare and so on, I said to God, “how much trauma can one take Lord”? In that moment I realized why my marriage failed...because God wasn’t in the center. The Bible says,” a cord of three strands is not easily broken”. My heart skipped a beat when I heard God speak that scripture to me, the same verse I spoke in my wedding vows”. See, God gives us experiences in life to build our faith and have a testimony to strengthen others. Through the pain and healing of my divorce, I have grown closer to God and daily I take a walk with him at the start and end of my day. Prayer is a ritual in my household. Through the storm, God is pouring into me through a book that I’m writing entitled “God and Marriage” as well as the birth of a women’s ministry that addresses life after divorce. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! To all my beautiful,strong women, keep God first and everything else will fall into place :):)Thats #herstory so what’s yours ?


Rebecca’s Story

This is Rebecca and this is #herstory . Transparency #HappyMothersDay
Mothers Day can be a day of many mixed emotions for me. I’m grateful for my daughter Mikayla and how much of a reminder of Gods love and grace she is for me. Although she gives me such a great reason to celebrate, being a mom wasn’t always such a joy. At 18, after being a survivor of a kidnapping and sexual assault, I found myself pregnant. Although I went through with the pregnancy, after time passed I decided to give my son up for adoption. For years after that I ran from motherhood, battling with guilt and shame and when I became pregnant again in the future I continued to run from it by having a couple of abortions. At that point, as I came into the things of God I assumed I was too damaged and dirty to be a mom. Shortly after that, I got pregnant with Mikayla and I was SO fearful that I would wreck her life because shame told me I wasn’t good enough to be a mom. Over the past 10 years, God has always sent encouragement via strangers or loved ones to affirm me as a Mom and I had to realize that I am pretty amazing at it. Even now, as she lives full time with her Dad and Bonus Mom, I’m reminded that whether near or far, the full school year or only on Holidays I am still an amazing Mommy. To all the ladies who have a complicated journey to motherhood, I pray that The Lord affirms you as a Mom everyday and that no amount of shame, guilt, grief or doubt would lie to you telling you any different. Happy Mother’s Day to ALL the women. I hope you had amazing day ️.That’s #herstory so what’s yours?